Get behind the steering wheel of your life. Don’t let your pain steer you.

At My Pain Clinic, our top and foremost concern is to partner with you to relieve your pain and enhance your quality of life style. Your body speaks with you through pain and tells you that something is wrong. Whether a recent onset or a chronic pain, whether it is a back pain or pain in the neck, pain from auto accident injuries or symptoms of neuropathies, pain in feet, hands muscles or nerves, we are here to provide you with world’s most advance-non surgical treatment options.

At My Pain Clinic, a group of caring and friendly people are committed to provide you with excellent pain management services. We develop a treatment plan together with you, in accordance with the scientific guidelines recognized nationally to give you relief from your pain. We perform most of our procedures in our clinic under the state of the art technology like ultrasound and fluoroscopy.

Our patients put lots of trust in us and we do not take this privilege lightly.


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    Paul Walker
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    Lisa Jamieson Housewife
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    James Poul Athlete

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