Care, Concern, and Compassion

Promoting Quality Healthcare in South of Atlanta

My Pain Clinic is a healthcare initiative by a dedicated medical professionals committed to providing high-quality care and services for people throughout South of Atlanta. We are an INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MANAGEMENT CLINIC where we offer different kinds of injections and procedures to manage pain and guide our patients regarding rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Our major areas of expertise are spinal and musculoskeletal care, neck and joint treatments, pain management, and sports medicine. My Pain Clinic covers a broad spectrum of services including Diagnostic, Medical, Physical and Interventional.

At My Pain Clinic, we care about healthcare and it is eminent in every aspect of our services, be it our team, treatments, or technologically advanced facilities.

Our Objective

The major objective of My Pain Clinic is to improve the standards of healthcare by providing proper information and resources to guide patients towards the right direction. Our goal is to make the procedure easier and convenient in order to ensure better treatment and expedited recovery for the patients. We help our patients get back to their daily routine as soon as medically possible for them.

Our Team

My Pain Clinic proudly boasts a team of highly qualified as well as genuinely compassionate professionals with experience and expertise. Sharing our concern for quality healthcare, they are dedicated to offering the best of their service to our patients. From medical consultation to effective treatment, our professionals diligently provide you with the care you need to get better and stay healthier.

Our Facility

At My Pain Clinic, we believe that the highest level of quality healthcare is unachievable without embracing the finest technology. This is a belief that reflects in every single corner of our fully-equipped facility. Together, our team and our technology have helped us offer a comprehensive on-site service under one roof. There is on-site physical therapy and rehabilitation section managed by an experienced physical therapist. Also, we are always the first ones to introduce latest techniques and care in Pain Management, and Rehabilitation.

Under the supervision of highly qualified physician, Khalique Rehman, M.D., My Pain Clinic is proud to be an organization that has always delivered what is promised. We encourage our patients to opt for quality healthcare, and we strive hard to make it accessible and affordable to them.

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